OYO Volume 13 – Jump & Hard mix

OYO Volume 13 – Jump & Hard mix

Tracklist :

1-Stephan Strube – Ass & Titties (Q-ic remix)
2-Gave – Kamino
3-Saltzer – Estivate
4-Dalton Jacks – Put your hands up
5-Davoodi – Night Out
6-Michael Jackin – I’m loco
7-Lethal Mg – Switch the crossfade
8-Pat B & Dr Phunk – House music
9-Transfarmers – Here we go again
10-Mark with a K – fly
11-G-Fresh & Ghost – Adrenaline shot
12-Dany BPM – Velocity
13-Dr rude – Bounce the roof off
14-Hitmen – VIP
15-Teka B & G-fresh – Fucking dying
16-Burn Soldier – Reachin into my brain (2012 rmx)
17-Kutski vs Audiofreq – forgiven
18-Psyko Punkz – Psycho Foundation
19-D-block & S TE FAN – Rebel
20-Noisecontrollers – Break the show
21-Zatox – Fuck you up

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Sortie digital : 
11.02.2013 (Itunes, Juno Download….)


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